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Site Restoration

Soil Remediation  |  Site Restoration
Jacksonville, FL

SEMS was contracted by ERM to perform site restoration activities at a PepsiCo Facility following the removal of an Oil Water Separator that resulted in petroleum related soil contamination.

Work performed:

  • Removal of accumulated water from existing excavated area
  • Disposal of 8,000 gallons of water as non-hazardous wastewater
  • Removal of pavement and excavation of delineated area of soil including hydro-excavation of area within 2’ of data/cable and storm drain lines
  • Placement/compaction of backfill around existing monitoring well and PVC OWS piping in place
  • Disposal of the soil, pavement and curb
  • Reinstall asphalt pavement
  • Conducted minor striping of parking lot
  • Proctor and nuclear density testing for backfill/crushed rock and extraction/gradation and core testing for pavement
  • Vac truck services for water disposal and groundwater management due to rain events during excavation activities