Our Work

Red Mud Area Closure

Baton Rouge, LA

SEMS was contracted to execute a Corrective Measure Workplan to install institutional controls for a Bauxite Mud Lake (Red Mud Area). The Red Mud Area is approximately four acres and  was purchased for possible use as a future landfill.  The area was the result of an ALCOA levee breach circa 1942. The plan included ground water monitoring to determine if leaching of constituents from the red mud or other materials in the area have occurred over the years impacting groundwater. The red mud in this location is a by-product from the aluminum production process. The plan included installation of monitoring wells and sampling activities.   The Red Mud Area is considered a solid waste management unit and will be closed as such.  The project included the placement of in-place soil cap/cover over the exposed bauxite red mud.

Work performed

Site Preparation

  • Clearing of vegetative overgrowth to allow access to area

Sludge Preparation

  • Solidification of the sludge in place by the addition of solidification agent
  • Red mud cleared from the pond and stockpiled in designated area
  • Clean imported fill placed on top of exposed red mud


  • The red mud stockpiled and all other areas where exposed mud exists will be graded and compacted to support the final cover/cap
  • Moisture content of soils adjusted to the maximum level to attain adequate compaction
  • Fill graded to improve stormwater drainage by grading slightly sloping elevations toward Monte Sano Bayou

Final Cover

  • Clay cap placed on top of the backfill approximately two feet in thickness
  • Surface graded to minimize erosion and maximize water infiltration
  • Topsoil placed, fertilized and seeded