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Pipeline Decommissioning

Pipeline Decommissioning
ERM Alligator Alley Project
Immokalee, FL

SEMS was contracted to perform the pipeline decommissioning of the Calumet Pipeline. This project consisted of 7 miles of 6-inch diameter steel pipeline formerly used for the transportation of petroleum.

Work performed:

  • Pipeline pigging
    • Using a temporary pig launcher and pig receiver, a tank was placed at the pig receiver terminus to collect any petroleum, water, and debris
    • Pipeline was purged for a minimum of two pigging runs until less that 0.5 gallons of liquid was produced
    • All materials collected were properly transported and disposed
  • Pipeline grouting and capping
  • Pipeline removal – approximately 3,414 feet
    • Lines were first daylighted and then pulled in sections
  • Site restoration
    • Air knifing and hand digging utilized to uncover pipeline
    • ACM removed in 1-foot sections every 18 – 20 feet
    • Plugging of cut points with a flowable fill
    • Permanent capping of the grounded ends with pipeline caps welded in place
    • Piping areas containing ACM was wrapped, labeled, and placed in roll-off boxes for transportation and disposal at approved landfill