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Landfill Closure

International Paper
Bastrop, LA

SEMS was contracted to close cells 4 and 5 of its permitted solid waste landfill and an Emergency Spill Basin impoundment. The project included closing of approximately 21 acres of landfill.

Work performed:

  • Grading and shaping of approximately 250,000 cubic yards of waste ash
  • Installation of 60,000 cubic yards of re-compacted low permeable earthen clay liner
  • Constructing a 1.5-foot compacted clay barrier layer
  • Construction of surface water drainage controls
  • Installation of 21 acres of 40 mil LLDPE geomembrane and geocomposite drainage system
  • Establishment of a vegetative cover using hydroseed
  • Placement of 38,000 cubic yards of topsoil placement