Our Work

IH Services for VA Medical Center

VA Medical Center

SEMS was retained to conduct an asbestos, lead, and mold inspections in the Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers throughout the state of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and most recently West Virginia.

Work performed:

  • Initial Asbestos & Lead Inspections
    • Licensed inspectors use standard sampling protocols to identify all suspected asbestos-containing materials and lead-based painted materials.
    • Identify all suspected asbestos-containing materials and lead paint
    • Provide documentation of sample locations and homogeneous areas
  • Project Management and Abatement
    • Asbestos Specifications:
      • Summary/Scope of Work
      • Safety and Protection protocols
      • Emergency Planning
      • Asbestos Removal, Disposal, Air Monitoring, and Cleanup protocols
      • Scheduling and Project Planning
    • Daily Air Monitoring during Abatement
    • Weekly Reporting