Our Work

Groundwater Monitoring RFI

Ethyl Corporation
Baton Rouge, LA & Pasadena, TX

SEMS provides a wide range of environmental, remediation, engineering, and management services for the Ethyl Corporation. The Baton Rouge and Houston facilities have groundwater and soil impacted from chlorinated organics, including DNAPL 1,2-Dichlorethane (DCA) and Perchloroethylene, (PCE).
The Baton Rouge facility is currently under RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI), which includes 80 solid waste management units (SWMUs), and 7 areas of concerns (AOCs).

Work performed:

  • Writing of all work plans for the RFI
  • Investigation of each of the SWMUs and AOCs
  • Installation of 20 groundwater monitor wells ranging from a total depth of 25 feet bgs to 110 feet bgs
  • Professional oversight of well installation and development
  • Management of professional land surveying of the wells
  • Preparation of LDOTD registration forms
  • More than 100 soil borings have been advanced utilizing direct push technology (GeoprobeJ) or by hand augering
  • Monitoring and sampling activities for groundwater, sludge, rainfall runoff, and stormwater
  • Annual and semi-annual monitoring, sampling, and reporting to LDEQ for Baton Rouge facility including 130 groundwater monitor wells
  • Semi-annual landfill inspections and quarterly recovery system inspection for Baton Rouge facility
  • Annual and semi-annual monitoring, sampling, and reporting to TNRCC for the plant located in Pasedena, TX including 55 groundwater monitoring wells