Our Work

Demolition of Cooling Towers

Entergy Nelson Plant
Lake Charles, LA

SEMS was contracted by Entergy to demolish two large cooling towers at the Nelson Westlake Energy facility. The towers were 300 feet long and 50 feet high. This four-week project was successfully executed free of accidents and safety issues while leaving the concrete cold-water basin intact and undamaged.

Work performed:

  • Dismantlement and disposal of:
    • Seven cell cooling tower wood frame structure and stairs
    • Fan stacks
    • Hot water distribution headers
    • Lateral pipes
  • Removal of:
    • Fan decking
    • Casing
    • PVC fill modules
    • Spray nozzles
    • PVC drift eliminators
  • 5000 cyds of wood and debris removed using track hoes, forklifts and bobcats
  • Disposal of 5000 cyds at licensed landfill.