Our Work

Drum Removal

Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality
Hunt, AR

SEMs was contracted to preform the removal of drums that contained polystyrene.

Work performed:

  • Site Preparation
    • Clearing and grading of 3 acre mine reclamation site
    • Construction of gravel road, support area, and bermed areas
      • Bermed areas included GCL lined soil stockpile area, roll-off storage area, and decontamination area
    • Construction of a bermed and lined liquid storage tank area
  • Excavation of the 55’ by 55’ Area of Interest (AOI) to a total depth of 12’ bgs
    • The AOI was excavated utilizing a 4:1 slope on the west side and a 2:1 slope on the remaining three sides
    • 3,200 cubic yards of soil was excavated and placed in 100 cubic yard piles within the soil stockpile area and sampled for laboratory analysis
    • All of the soil excavated was classified as suitable for backfill material
      • 51 55-gal drums containing polystyrene were encountered during excavation
    • Drums were placed in lined roll-off containers, sampled for laboratory analysis, and transported to the appropriate disposal facility
  • Backfilling activities included transporting and compacting the excavated soil back into the area of excavation in 6 inch lifts
  • Site grading
  • Construction of permanent earthen drainage ditch with rock check dams
  • Hydroseed applied over the 3 acre site