Our Work

Dredging of Emergency Basin & 6 Hour Pond

Noranda Alumina, LLC
Gramercy, LA

SEMS was contracted by Noranda Alumina to performed volume restoration of two bauxite impoundments located at the Gramercy, LA plant.  The 3+ acre 6 Hour Pond had accumulated over 7 feet of sediment.  SEMS utilized a VMI MD-815 hydraulic cable dredge, 12-inch booster pump, and ancillary piping to perform the removal and transmission of an estimated 35,000 cyds of sediments about one mile away to a designated discharge locations within Mud Lake #3.

In addition to the hydraulic dredging of the 6 Hour Pond, the scope of work also included the mechanical dredging of accumulated sediments within the Emergency Basin.  Due to the hazard elements (high pH) associated with the material contained in the Emergency Basin, equipment and/or field crews would not be allowed into the Basin.  SEMS utilized a long reach excavator, working from the perimeter berm, to excavate and loadout the sediment from the Basin.  The sediment loaded into end-dump trucks and transported approximately two miles, along plant roads, and dumped within Mud Lake #3.  The deposited bauxite sediments were managed via a LGP Dozer.

The scope of work was successfully completed and over 3,000 man-hours were recorded without incident.