Our Work

Demolition & Soil Remediation

Booker T. Washington High School – State of Louisiana NORSC
New Orleans, LA

SEMS was contracted by the Louisiana Recovery School District (RSD) to perform slab demolition and soil remediation at the former Booker T. Washington High School. The site covered 4.3 acres and consisted of concrete slabs of demolished buildings, grass covered areas, asphalt covered areas, and two buildings of historical significance which were to remain in place. The site was subsequently redeveloped by the New Orleans Recovery School District.

Work performed:

  • Demolition, removal, and transport offsite for recycling of existing concrete slabs, underlying concrete pile caps, and asphalt pavement
  • Removal of soils contaminated with PAHs and metals over the entire 4 acres to more than 3 feet in depth
  • 30,000 cubic yards of soils and concrete slabs were removed and disposed of as a non-hazardous waste
  • Groundwater or rainwater pumped into frac tanks and treated to meet permit requirements prior to discharge into the city storm sewer
  • 200,000 gallons of excavations waters were managed and treated prior to discharge
  • Installation of geotextile at the bottom and sidewalls of the excavation
  • Excavation backfilled with sand and low permeable clay.
  • Installation of permanent security fence around the perimeter of the property
  • Hydro-seeded of the entire site following the removal of all temporary facilities.
  • Installation of six concrete catch basins and drainage pipe for post remediation storm water management