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Demolition of Power Facility

Santee Cooper Demolition of Power Facility
Georgetown, SC

SEMS was contracted to perform the selective demolition and removal of abandoned equipment and structures at a facility in Georgetown, South Carolina. Structures, including multiple above ground storage tanks, conveyors, stacks, foundations, piping, and other various structures.   Many were dismantled using hydraulic shears, torches, and cranes. All metal scrap material was separated  from waste materials and sold to the local scrap yard. After the demolition and disposal of structures, SEMS dewatered, emptied, and backfilled conveyor sumps. The project was completed within the limits of a live generating station, and all work was coordinated with our client to ensure that no facility operations were disturbed. The client was satisfied with SEMS’ performance and added additional project tasks outside of the original scope of work. The project was completed on time and within budget.