Our Work

Closure of East Landfill

Baton Rouge, LA

SEMS was contracted to perform capping work and install a slurry wall to mitigate the potential for any seeps to migrate from the East  Landfill.  The landfill was formerly used by ALCOA and Kaiser for disposal of bauxite mud (red mud) in the process of making aluminum. The landfill was closed in 1982. SEMS implemented a design to isolate leachate within the facility and prevent the potential for off-site migration of leachate. The plan included installation of a slurry wall along the down gradient eastern boundary of the landfill, and an extension of the landfill cap to include to assure no offsite migration of leachate.

Work performed:

Capping Drainage Swale & Slurry Wall Installation

  • Cleared and leveled a 20-foot swath within slurry wall location
  • Pumped water from Montesano Bayou to two frac tanks onsite
  • Constructed berm to contain excess slurry materials
  • Cut seven piezometers to ground surface and dispose of debris


Capping Work & Asphalt Access Drive

  • Cleared and grubbed cap area (85,000 square feet)
  • Placement of 2-foot clay cap on the drainage swale
  • Placement of 3,200 CY clay (approximately 8,950 truck yards) in 6” lifts and compacted to 95% standard proctor.
  • Placement of 240 CY fill and top soil (approximately 325 truck yards)
  • Site reclamation/seeding