Our Work

Ash Basin / Levee Repair

CLECO Ash Basin #1 Levee Repair, Dolet Hills Power Station
Mansfield, LA

SEMS safely completed ash basin levee repair and roadway washout repair for CLECO on time and on budget to the client’s quality expectations.

Work performed:

  • Ash Basin #1 Levee Repair
    • Stripping of topsoil/vegetation on exterior slope and crown area
    • Removal and disposal of concrete pipe rack, board road fragments and buried culvert
    • Incorporation of necessary soil amendments (lime)
    • Reprocessing, and re-compacting existing clay material
    • Purchase and installation of structural geogrid material, French Drain system, 610 limestone aggregate, and erosion control matting
    • Seeding and fertilizing of slopes of perimeter embankment
  • Roadway Washout Repair
    • Stripping of topsoil/vegetation and loose soil on interior of embankment
    • Rebuild of slope adjacent to roadway by placing and compacting additional clay material from onsite borrow source
    • Purchase and installation of 30-pound class rip rap stone on rebuilt slopes, geotextile fabric and 610 gradation limestone aggregate