Our Work

AST Removal

Aboveground Storage Tank Removal – PepsiCo
Harrahan & Baton Rouge, LA

SEMS was contracted by Pepsi-Co to perform aboveground storage tank (AST) removal at two separate locations. The ASTs were dual compartment steel tanks complete with fuel management systems and fuel dispenser islands.  SEMS removed the ASTs, automatic tank gauge, card reader, fuel dispensers, bollards , and all associated piping.

Work performed:

  • AST removal at two separate facilities in two different cities
  • Coordination and compliance of project with city, local jurisdictions having authority, fire marshal, and the LDEQ
  • Site security and restricted access entry
  • City demolition and Fire Marshall Permitting
  • Site specific Health and Safety Plan and Management
  • AST removal Site Supervision
  • Petroleum contact water recycling
  • Tank cleaning;
  • Two 10,000 gallon compartmented tank removals (6,000 diesel and 4,000 gasoline each)
  • Site restoration.